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Therapy abroad

No miracles guaranteed

Bergens Tidende shares the story of Elisabeth Thomassen, who receives support from the am-car community to raise money to try treatment in the USA.

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Print screen, Bergens Tidende 7 December 2020

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Professor Hans Petter Eikesdal tells Bergens Tidende about the possibilities for treatment abroad:

"-At present we don't know of a curative treatment abroad, which can make her well. There are no miracle cures for this disease now. In general, it is foolish to end a life-prolonging treatment that works, to strart a new kind (...) If it were the case that the researchers in the United States had found a cure for this form of cancer that was curative, it would be a world sensation. Of course, I understand Elisabeth's desire to live and be healthy, but it is not the case that in Norway today we have knowledge about curative treatment that works and that we do not use. "

The whole case can be read here (requires payment).