Mohn Cancer Research Laboratory

National and international interest in breast- and ovarian cancer study

Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet (04.06.2022 (digital edition) and 21.06.2022 (paper edition)) and Swedish newspaper Expressen (12.06.2022) both mention a research project that is a collaboration between the Breast Cancer Group at Mohn Cancer Research Laboratory and the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) in USA. The research study describes a new type of mechanism that is triggered during early embryonic development and that results in an increased risk of developing serious breast- and ovarian cancer later on in life.

Bildet viser papirutgaven av Dagladet og en mann i hvit frakk
Picture of front page of Dagbladet (21.06.2022) and screenshot of Expressen (12.06.2022)
Dagbladet / Expressen

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