Precision Oncology Research Group

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The Precision Oncology Research Group at the Department of Clinical Science, University of Bergen focus their work on cancer diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment tailored specifically to each patient, based on the individual’s genetic and/or molecular profile.

This is achieved through a translational biomedical research approach, and the group cover the whole specter from preclinical research and animal models to clinical trials.  

Our research portfolio is driven by scientific and clinical strategies, focusing on unmet medical needs:

  • Identify pathways most commonly associated with cancers of the blood, sarcoma, and ovary cancer

  • Screen compounds to identify ones with greatest potential to impact pathway

  • Identify biomarkers and create diagnostic tools

  • Target patients most likely to benefit from therapy

In close collaboration with Haukeland University Hospital and in collaboration with our university’s Centre of Excellence in Cancer Biomarkers, CCBIO, we are performing clinical trials that are driven by unmet needs.


We are actively contributing in start up companies to build new industry in the region. Collaboration with small, medium and big pharmaceutical companies is a part of the strategy to provide our patients with new diagnostics and therapeutics.  

Advanced equipment.