Geodynamics and Basin Studies

Sequence stratigraphy

Sequence stratigraphy deals with the spatial development of sedimentary successions as a record of changes in sea level and sediment supply.

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Sequence stratigraphy deals with the 'packing and wrapping' of sedimentary successions in response of relative sea-level changes and fluctuations in sediment supply to the basin (e.g., ancient climate changes). This new branch of stratigraphy addresses such issues as: What are the architectures and stratal stacking patterns of sedimentary successions?  How and why are these spatial patterns changing in their chronological framework? By answering these and related questions with respect to ancient depositional systems and their tracts, sequence stratigraphy provides a better understanding of sedimentary successions and allows us to predict their spatial development and variation. This knowledge is of major importance to our understanding of hydrocarbon- and water-bearing or CO2-storing reservoirs, helping to optimize subsurface exploration as well as reservoir exploitation technology.