Geodynamics and Basin Studies

Development of rock physics theories

Development of mathematical models for estimation of the effective physical properties of micro-inhomogeneous porous media.

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Mathematical models for estimating the effective physical (mechanical and transport) properties of rock-like composites are typically developed by using a combination of solid and fluid mechanical equations, in conjunction with rigorous integral equation (Green's function) methods from the theory of multiple scattering in random media. Special attention has been given to the phenomena of seismic anisotropy and attenuation (due to multiple scattering and/or wave-induced fluid flow), which can be used to obtain information about permeability as well as the orientation of fractures and other heterogeneities in petroleum reservoirs. Comparisons of theoretical predictions with experimental results and field observations are used as a feedback for the development and evaluation of such rock models. The ultimate goal of this activity is to develop more realistic rock physics models that can be used to obtain information about rock petrophysical properties from seismic and electromagnetic data.