Geodynamics and Basin Studies

Structural Style and Stratigraphic Response to Fault Propagation Folding

PhD Matt Lewis (Imperial College)

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Supervisors: Chris Jackson (Imperial College) and Rob Gawthorpe (UiB)


This project aims to document the structural style and along strike variability of fault propagation folding, and the syn-rift stratigraphic response to phases of faulting and folding during basin extension. To date, numerous studies have indicated that the early growth of normal faults is associated with the development of fault-propagation folds (Allmendinger, 1998; Gawthorpe et al, 2000; Jackson et al, 2006; Schlische, 1995; Sharp et al, 2000; Withjack & Calloway, 2000), and has been demonstrated in a number of rift basins (e.g. Suez Rift, Rhine Graben, northern North Sea): however, uncertainties still exist as to; (i) the along-strike variability in the geometry of fault-propagation folds; (ii) the syn-rift stratigraphic response to various phases of faulting and associated folding; and (iii) the controls (e.g. salt thickness, fault displacement, and overburden thickness) on fault-propagation folding in salt-influenced rift basins.

This project will be carried out by using an integrated study of; (i) three-dimensional, high resolution (3D) seismic reflection data from the Egersund Basin, northern North Sea; and (ii) field data from the Oligo-Miocene Suez Rift, Egypt