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Any questions about access should to the labs and assignment of machines should be addressed in the first instance to Leo Zijerveld.


Access to the labs has to be restricted, because most of the seismic data we use is confidential and we need to be able to show the data owners that we keep their data secure. Another reason is that these machines are high specification and not meant to be used for day-to-day use (e.g. wordprocessing etc.), thus people doing seismic interpretation and digital outcrop work on large data sets will be prioritised. As a rule PhD students have access to "their own" machine, whereas master students may have to share.

Access for staff members, students and visitors can be arranged by contacting Leo Zijerveld. Both the person needing access and their supervisor are required to sign the  the Terms of use (see below) before access can be arranged. Depending on the ‘level’ of the project (i.e. Masters, PhD, postdoc) and the source of funding, there is an access charge for using the facility.

Terms of use for the seismic interpretation labs at UiB

Access to the labs has to be restricted, mainly because a substantial part of our seismic data is confidential and we need to be able to demonstrate that we keep these data secure. Another reason to restrict access is that our equipment is of a very high standard intended for people doing seismic interpretation, digital outcrop work etc, and not meant to be used for more basic, day-to-day computing tasks.

Obviously, we expect our users to be respectful of the hardware but also to be aware of the issues related to online security and to behave accordingly. The labs are shared between many users and you are expected to tidy up regularly, it is not fair on others to have to deal with your mess. Food is not allowed in the labs and drinks should be kept in closed cups/bottles.

Please read and make sure you understand all the rules below:

  • The computers and software in our labs should only be used for work related purposes.
  • Do not give others access to the labs or the equipment in the labs without consulting the lab manager.
  • Do not copy any data without having been given permission.
  • Do not install or run any additional software without consulting the lab manager.
  • You will be assigned to a specific machine, do not use any others without consulting the lab manager
  • Label any data that you have on the hard drives (by including your name in the directory name) and remove temporary data when you have finished with it.
  • Any problems with the hardware should be reported to the lab manager asap.
  • Log off when finished for the day and clear up after yourself. Food, drinks and other personal stuff should not be stored in the labs.
  • No food, all drinks brought into the labs should have a lid.
  • Users of the lab are required to attend a briefing about the lab at the first opportunity available to them.

These terms of use apply in addition to those described in the UiB IKT reglement. Not adhering to these rules may lead to sanctions and can lead to exclusion from the use of our labs.