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We have an extensive collection of specialist software for seismic interpretation, modelling and digital outcrop work in the lab. Please contact Leo Zijerveld if you are thinking of acquiring additional software. Many of the software licenses have been donated to us under academic licensing terms. Please make sure to acknowledge these donations in any report or publication that u produce using these packages. In some case (e.g. Move and Geoteric) we are required to send copies of such work to the vendors as well. 

Apart from the standard Microsoft Office and ArcGIS software we have the following software installed in lab:

Seismic interpretation

  • Petrel (Schlumberger) Seismic interpretation, mapping and much else, installed on all machines in the lab. 52 floating licences.
  • Blueback toolbox (Cegal) Plugins providing additional geological and geophysical functionality from within Petrel
  • Kingdom Suite (IHS)Seismic interpretation, mainly used for retrieving data in Kingdom format. 1 license, latest version available on GEO055206. 
  • OpendTect (dGB)Seismic interpretation platform, 3 floating licenses
  • PaleoScan (Eliis) Volume based seismic interpretation and model building, 5 floating licenses
  • GeoTeric (ffA) Advanced seismic interpretation and attribute analysis, 3 floating licenses, can be installed on any machine but requires a high spec graphic card.

Seismic modelling

Stuctural modelling 

  • Move (MVE) 2D & 3D kinematic structural modelling (site license)
  • Traptester (Badley Geoscience Ltd) Fault displacement and fault seal analysis, requires OpenText Exceed to run under windows. We currently only have 2 licences for Exceed, one is installed on GEO055230.
  • FlexDecomp (Badley Geoscience Ltd) Flexural decompaction and backstripping


  • Petrosys (Petrosys) Mapping,modelling and data management

Petrophysics, well log analysis



Virtual outcrop modelling

  • LIME (NORCE) for visualisation, interpretation and communication of lidar/photogrammetric models. Contact Simon Buckley for more information.
  • Photoscan Pro (Agisoft) Photogrammetric processing of digital images to generate 3D spatial data.
  • Riscan Pro (RIEGL) for processing of lidar point clouds.
  • Innovmetric PolyWorks: for processing of 3D meshes from point cloud data. A network licence is available through Uni Research CIPR.
  • ENVI: for processing of hyperspectral imagery. Contact Tobias Kurz for more information.
  • Various photogrammetric software: for generating 3D point clouds from image data.
  • Various in-house programs for out-of-core processing of large photorealistic models and integrating lidar and hyperspectral datasets.


  • Adobe Creative Suite: Advanced drawing package, installed on all machines

Other software