Global Development for Equity

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Research Group Leader: Siri Lange

The GDE research group has joined forces with the BLI group to establish a new research group at our department  Equity in Social Welfare and Global Development. Updates on group members’ activities will be posted on the webpage of the new group.

Global Development for Equity

This multidisciplinary research group consists of researchers from the Department of Health Promotion and Development engaged in development-related research in diverse cultural settings. The group also has members from other research environments and networking within and across faculties and universities characterizes the group’s research.

The research topics in the group’s project portfolio are varied, yet united by a core interest in questions of social justice and empowerment. Of considerable importance are gendered and generational aspects of global poverty, marginalisation and social exclusion, as well as the impact of Western hegemony in knowledge production, global development discourse and processes of social change.

The bulk of the groups’ research is undertaken in low and middle income countries. The group’s research is concerned with the need for sensitivity to local contexts both as an epistemological and methodological principle, as a basis for creating contextualized knowledge with relevance outside the particular contexts, and for generating supportive activities.

Our theoretical interests are founded on critical perspectives within health promotion, psychology, social anthropology, sociology, and gender studies. Data collection and analyses include locally applicable quantitative and qualitative approaches, with a strong focus on participatory methods.



GLODE student

“Without GLODE and the internship, I certainly would not be where I am now”

Mathias James Venning, who normally goes by the name Mats, and Kiri Elida Paulsen Brevik got exciting opportunities after their internship period during the UiB master's program in Global Development Theory and Practice (GLODE).


New project on maternal mortality

Members from the GDE research group at the Dept. of Health Promotion and Development are among the partners in a new project on maternal mortality reporting in Ethiopia and Tanzania.

New Book

Intimacy and mobility in an era of hardening borders

Gender, reproduction, regulation