Foundational Questions in Gender and Sexuality Research
Semester's questions

Themes for discussion spring 2019

For the spring semester 2019 the researchgroup for foundational problems in gender research will discuss several questions on gender, crisis and the subject.


Main content

Head of the reasearchgroup Kari Jegerstedt says the spring semester have two main focuses.

Sustainable Development Goals

The first concerns itself around the gendered aspects of our global social challenges. How humanitarian, enviromental og financial 'crisis'' together with vast migrations and technological revolutions have shaped and is shaping our time. How can gender research have a progressive impact in this field, highlighting different perspectives and raisind other questions?

The subject

The second theme will lead discussions more in on what understanding the political, ethical and epistemic subject articulates in connotaion with crisis and global challenges. And how can we draw on the experience of feminists and queers creativity, critics and resistance?

The discussions in the researchgroup will also be highlighted on the NORA-conference in Reykjavik in May. Several of the groups members will hold panels as part of the official conference program.