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Teaching and research training are integral activities at the Martens Group.

Postdoctoral training

Heba Abdelrazik

Andrea Chistoforou 

Richard Allan Davies

Kari Merete Ersland

Johan Fernø

Sudheer Giddaluru

Bjarte Håvik

Tatiana Polushina

Maria B. Ræder

Silje Skrede

Letícia Spíndola

Christine Stansberg

Anne-Kristin Stavrum

Anja Torsvik

Completed PhD degrees

Lipid effects during antipsychotic drug treatment and their relevance for clinical outcomes. Gjerde, Priyanthi Borgen (UiB, 2020-01-29).

Neuropsychiatric symptoms in dementia: long-term course and neuropathology. Vik-Mo, Audun Osland (UiB, 2019-6-14).

An evolutionary epigenetics approach to schizophrenia. Banerjee, Niladri (UiB, 2018-09-28).

A genetic study of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Carla P.D. Fernandes (UiB, 2015-03-05).

Identification and characterisation of regionally enriched cortex genes in the rat brain. Ersland, Kari (UiB, 2012-06-14).

Clock genes and biological rhythms. Effects of psychotropic drugs. Osland, Teresa (UiB, 2012-11-16).

Developing a rodent model for antipsychotic-induced metabolic adverse effects. Skrede, Silje (UiB, 2012-04-20).

Lipogenic effects of antipsychotic drugs in cultured cells and in rat. Fernø, Johan (UiB, 2007-05-10).

Completed Master degrees

Timeline of Epigenetic Changes Induced by Ethanol (EtOH) in HepG2 and HL60. Sayeed Qureshi, Sophia (UiB, 2019-12-10).

Identification of Epigenetic Modifications Following Treatment with Olanzapine. Villar, Jonelle D. (UiB, 2018-12-13).

Gene Expression Changes in Rat Brain Following Long-Term Antipsychotic Drug Exposure. Bakken, Vibeke Løvås (UiB, 2018-06-19)

Medical School Research Program

Childhood trauma in psychosis: effects at the epigenetic level, Brunstad, Solveig (UiB, 2018-2022).

Title, Duus, Inger (UiB, 2018).