Geochemistry & Geobiology

Master program

Researchers from the Geochemistry and Geobiology are involved in teaching several courses available for students at the Master level. Read here why you should pursue a MSc degree in Geochemistry and Geobiology. More information about the MSc program and how to apply can be found here

300-level courses:

GEOV301 - Geostatistics
Bjarte Hannisdal

GEOV342 - Radiogenic and Stable Isotope Geochemistry
Ulysses Ninnemann (Quaternary Earth Systems) and Cédric Hamelin

GEOV343 - Petrological and Geochemical field course
Cédric Hamelin

GEOV345 - Geological field excursion to Western Norway
Rolf-Birger Pedersen

GEOV347 - Instrumental Methods in Analytical Geochemistry
Desiree Roerdink