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Each year several master students graduate with a project in the Geochemistry and Geobiology group. On this page you can find finished and on-going master projects from the group and the Center of Deep Sea Research.

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Master projects 2019

Thomas Viflot
Evidence for extensive conductive cooling and microbial carbon transformations in diffuse hydrothermal fluids from Loki´s Castle Vent Field
Supervision: Eoghan Reeves

Master projects 2018

Solveig Lie Onstad
Seafloor accretion along a magma starved spreading ridge
Supervision: Cédric Hamelin

Master projects 2017

Henrike Wilborn
Formation processes and environment for jasper and chert deposits on the West coast of Norway: a textural and geochemical study
Supervision: Ingunn Thorseth

Håvard Stubseid
Geological evolution and stratigraphic relationships of the ophiolitic terrane in the outer Hardangerfjord area: evidence from geochronology and geochemistry
Supervision: Rolf-Birger Pedersen

Vilde Bakke
Volcanic rocks at the Møre Marginal High: geochemistry, petrogenesis and emplacement mechanisms
Supervision: Rolf-Birger Pedersen

Andreas Lambach Viken
Accretionary history of Lower Ordovician island arc complexes on Bømlo: evidence from detrital zircon dating and geochemical data
Supervision: Rolf-Birger Pedersen

Andreas Sæbø
Izu-Bonin rear-arc magmatism: geochemical investigation of volcanoclastic material
Supervision: Cedric Hamelin

Randi Storeide
Geochemistry of lava samples collected near the oceanic detachments at 13°N along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Supervision: Cedric Hamelin

Tarje Lyngtveit
Geochemical and microtextural characteristics reflect the formation mechanics of laminated iron deposits at the Perle & Bruse and Troll Wall vent fields
Supervision: Ingunn Thorseth

Signe Haukelidsæter
Textural and geochemical characteristics of iron deposits at the Jan Mayen vent field: implications for formation mechanisms 
Supervision: Ingunn Thorseth

Ole Johan Hornenes
Unraveling distinctive sulfide mineralization and hydrothermal alteration on shallow seafloor hydrothermal systems
Supervision: Filipa Marques

Master projects 2016

Tonje Heia
Ekspulsjon og gassgenerering ved kunstig modning av intakte kildebergartsprøver
Supervision: Pål Tore Mørkved

Jan Kristoffer Landro
Characterizing the distribution of microbial sulfate reduction in Loki's Castle hydrothermal system of the Arctic Mid-Ocean Ridge (AMOR)
Supervision: Desiree Roerdink, Ingunn Thorseth

Linn Merethe Brekke Olsen
Weathering of deep-sea hydrothermal sulfide deposits: stability of heavy metals and implications for future mining activities
Supervision: Ingeborg Økland, Ingunn Thorseth

Stian Rolfsen Gilje
Hydrogenetic ferromanganese crusts in the Norwegian-Greenland sea: a textural and geochemical study
​​​​​​​Supervision: Ingunn Thorseth

Jostein Soldal
Silicate weathering in soils: a solution for soil pH management?
​​​​​​​Supervision: Pål Tore Mørkved