The Geodynamics group aims to understand tectonic and geodynamic processes related to the full Wilson cycle including continental break-up and passive margin formation, large-scale inversion and subduction, continental collision and orogeny. It further aims to understand the relation and feedbacks between geodynamic processes, seismogenic deformation, surface processes, magmatism and fluid flow. The research is characterized by a combination of observational, theoretical, and numerical modelling approaches and a high degree of multidisciplinarity. A main key is the integration of geological, geophysical, geochronological, geomorphological, palaeomagnetic, and geochemical data, with numerical modelling of dynamic processes. The group has a strong focus on understanding interaction and feedbacks between tectonics, surface processes and climate during passive margin formation and continental collision.

Research is organized along the following principal lines of integrated research:

  • Dynamics of divergent and convergent plate boundaries at short and long time scales.
  • Geodynamics and surface processes.
  • Structure and exhumation of orogens and passive margins
  • Continental and oceanic magmatic systems
  • Palaeomagnetism, potential field methods, and palaeogeographic reconstruction
  • Plate tectonics and magmatism.