The Jan Mayen Microcontinent Searching for new knowledge on prospectivity, basin evolution, and sediment provenance

Project coordinator: Prof. Rolf B. Pedersen
Funding: NFR - petromaks

Principal investigator: Prof. Rolf B. Pedersen

People involved at UiB: Prof. Kuvvet Atakan, Seismology and structural geology Dr. Alvar Braathen, Structural geology and tectonics Prof. William Helland-Hansen, Sedimentology Prof. Rolf Mjelde, Marine geophysics, seismic studies

Project period: 2006-01-01 to 2009-12-31

Principal objectives

1) Explore the prospectivity of the undrilled stratigraphy of the off-rifted East-Greenland continental margin present at the Jan Mayen Ridge.

2) Generate new knowledge on the evolution of the Møre-Vøring-Jan Mayen margins and basin forming processes at volcanic rifted margins.