Global health anthropology

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Film-still from 'Love Complication' SAFEZT-project

What we do

Conduct research on the socio-cultural and political context of health and healthcare

Investigate normative messages and policies and their dynamics in healthcare programmes

Study inequalities in health related to gender and power with relevance to women's sexual and reproductive rights

Carry out our empirical research in collaboration with partner institutions in the South and in the North

SAFEZT: An interdisciplinary research project on fertility control and safe abortion in Ethiopia, Zambia and Tanzania (Norwegian Research Council/NORGLOBAL, 2016-2019)

RISE: Formative qualitative research linked to a cluster randomised controlled trial aimed to increase age at first delivery in Zambia (Norwegian Research Council/GLOBVAC, 2015-2020)

Ex-circumcisers, Ikungi Village, Tanzania

No going back! Anti-FGM activism in Singida Region, Tanzania

A documentary about the community activism that the independent women’s organization SIAC, together with its sister organization DIAC, has initiated against female genital mutilation (FGM).

publication prize
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Andrea Melberg won IGS’s Publication Prize for 2019

Five publications were nominated for the Department’s annual award.

Film still

Dialogues about abortion

This research documentary from North-Ethiopia, shows how the existence of competing discourses on abortion gives people the possibility to navigate in a culturally and religiously informed terrain, says social anthropologist and filmmaker Thera Mjaaland.

Contact: Leader of the research group Professor Karen Marie Moland