Global health anthropology

Part 3 & 4 of an edutainment drama

Exploring methods of engagement in research on youth sexual and reproductive health

Film-still from the edutainment drama "Choices & Consequences", part 4.
Tewodros Hailemikael

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Part 3 & 4 are finalising the cinematic edutainment drama "Choices & Consequences" that addresses gender norms influencing youth sexuality in a context where reproductive options, in the case of different contraceptive methods and safe abortion services, are in fact legally available for them. Produced in Endabaguna in north-western Tigray, North-Ethiopia, in cooperation with the Ethiopian film-maker Tedowros Hailemichael, these final two parts are again involving local secondary school youth from rural and urban areas.

Qualitative research data is generated from the process of making the dramas and from discussions of the drama with youth, parents, teachers, religious leaders and other community members on youth sexuality and gender norms, contraceptive use and abortion. The project has also generated data for a critical discussion of the buzz-word ‘participation’ based on the realization that participation is a process that has to be learned anew each time.