Global health anthropology

Half a million hits on YouTube

An edutainment drama about youth sexual and reproductive health produced for the SAFEZT-project by Thera Mjaaland

Love Complications
Film-still from the edutainment drama "Love Complications".
Dejen Fisseha

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Thera Mjaaland has been exploring methods of engaging youth on competing norms concerning sexuality, contraceptive use and safe abortion in north-western Tigray, Ethiopia. This is the last of five 20-minute research-based edutainment dramas made between 2016 and 2018, and which uses art- and action research-inspired methods for conducting academic investigation on global health issues. For this last film, “Love Complications”, the youth wrote the script themselves. Within the first three weeks on YouTube, the Tigrinya version had half a million views - reaching Tigrinya-speaking Eritrean and Ethiopian youth all over the world.

By Shewit Goytom, Dejen Fisseha, Helen Girmay, Mekonnen Goytom, Masho Azenaw, Merhawit Teshome, Bethelhem Haileselassie, Tedros Guesh, Tewelde Negassie and Tekleweyni Berhe

Production: Thera Mjaaland, University of Bergen