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Award winner at Addis Ababa University

Dr. Mulumebet Zenebe received award for best publication at AAU, Ethiopia.

Mulumebet Zenebe standing in front of a building, wearing her medal
Mulumebet Zenebe

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Our partner, Mulumebet Zenebe at the Centre for Gender Studies has been awarded the Gold Medal at Addis Ababa University for her research on gender, sexuality and reproductive health in the SAFEZT project. She presented two papers at the AAU Research Week 2019. Her oral presentation was ranked the best out of 120 papers from all academic units of the university.

The titles of the papers were: 

1. When abortion is not within reach: Ethiopian university students struggling with unintended pregnancies. 

2. "We don't talk about contraceptives". Students' exposure to and engagement with sexual and reproductive health Information at three universities in Ethiopia.