Global health anthropology

No going back! Anti-FGM activism in Singida Region, Tanzania

A documentary about the community activism that the independent women’s organization SIAC, together with its sister organization DIAC, has initiated against female genital mutilation (FGM).

Ex-circumcisers, Ikungi Village, Tanzania
Ex-circumcisers, Ikungi Village, Tanzania
Thera Mjaaland

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In this film, Tanzanian-Norwegian Chiku Ali takes us around in Singida where she is born, to meet some of those who have taken it upon themselves to eradicate FGM: elders, ex-circumcisers, anti-FGM activists, village and district leaders, health personnel, religious leaders and youth club members. The film was shot in the villages of Ikungi, Mahambe and Samumba, in addition to Singida Town, among the Nyaturu-speaking people for whom FGM has been culturally significant. In Samumba girls are still at risk of being circumcised. The villages of Mahambe and Ikungi, on the other hand, have claimed themselves to be FGM-free. The way they know, is that health clinics have started to register whether women have been circumcised at first delivery. These organisations have, thus, gone further than other community organisations working against FGM to establish reliable numbers for their claim that change is taking place.

A film by: Chiku Ali, Thera Mjaaland and Agnete Strøm

Idea: Agnete Strøm and Chiku Ali

Camera and script/editing: Thera Mjaaland

Preparations: SIAC/Tanzania

Production: SIAC/Tanzania and Women’s Front of Norway

Language: Nyaturu and Swahili with English sub-titles


October 2020