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The research group in Global Health Anthropology arranges annual meetings for their members in Rosendal.
This book is a collection of articles by anthropologists and social scientists concerned with gendered labour, care, intimacy and sexuality, in relation to mobility and the hardening of borders in Europe.
A documentary about the community activism that the independent women’s organization SIAC, together with its sister organization DIAC, has initiated against female genital mutilation (FGM).
An advert for a new Editor-in-Chief for the SRHM journal is out now.
Five publications were nominated for the Department’s annual award.
This research documentary from North-Ethiopia, shows how the existence of competing discourses on abortion gives people the possibility to navigate in a culturally and religiously informed terrain, says social anthropologist and filmmaker Thera Mjaaland.
Astrid Blystad reports on the completion of a 2-year project dealing with the politics of abortion in Ethiopia, Zambia and Tanzania in a featured collection in International Journal for Equity in Health.
The CISMAC supported SAFEZT project has released a special issue on reproductive health and the politics of abortion in Ethiopia, Zambia, and Tanzania.
CIH/CISMAC researcher, Joar Svanemyr has published about his work with the RISE project in Zambia. The paper is also presented in the UK edition of the Conversation.
Marte Haaland and Joseph Mumba Zulu have published a comment in The Lancet Global Health on abortion, the global GAG rule and the importance of local context.
Dr. Mulumebet Zenebe received award for best publication at AAU, Ethiopia.
"Abortion politics and practices in a comparative perspective: experiences from Eastern and Southern Africa", published in International Journal for Equity in Health.
Would you like to be able to view medical and health research in a broader perspective?
An edutainment drama about youth sexual and reproductive health produced for the SAFEZT-project by Thera Mjaaland
Exploring methods of engagement in research on youth sexual and reproductive health
While Norway has marked the 40 year anniversary for the Abortion Law and we read news about the referendum in Ireland on the question of women's right to arbortion, anthropologist Marte Haaland is doing her fieldwork on abortion in Zambia.
Women Deliver is committed to making their conferences accessible to people across all geographies, ages, and backgrounds.
Article by Katerini T. Storeng, Jennifer Palmer, Judith Daire and Maren O. Kloster