Globalization and Development


Important issues and topics for our research group:

The relationship between state and society

How does state structures and governance systems affect democratization and popular mobilization in different countries?

How are the design and implementation of public policies related to power in administration systems and processes?

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New publication
Akram Hossain

Migration specific methodologies

Akram Hossain co-authors article that sets focus on migration specific methodologies and highlights contemporary debates on qual vs quant methods in social science.

New book
Book cover

Ensured gender equality in South Asia?

Professor Ishtiaq Jamil with new book on gender mainstreaming in South Asia

New publication
Akram Hossain

Ethnicity, religion and gender in democracy

PhD Candidate Akram Hossain coauthor chapter on democratic participation in Bangladesh in new book.

James Hathaway

Breaking new ground in public administration research

James Hathaway sheds new light on change within public accountability organizations in Zambia

Research- and guidance seminar