Globalization and Development

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At the Department of Administration and Organization Theory, our research group contributes with research on the relationship between politics and administration in developing countries in the South.

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Research focus

Important issues in this context is how the relationship state - society is designed, how governmental organization affects the possibilities for democratization and popular mobilization in these countries, and how the design and implementation of public policies in different fields are tied to power in administrative arrangements and processes. Parts of this research have been focused on globalization and the multilateral system. More and more decisions are negotiated and made at the multilateral level and creates challenges for the national sovereignty and democratic governance. These are key issues at our department that are increasingly interesting our students.



The research comprise a number of fields and sectors: including administrative cultures, municipalities, agriculture, education, health, voluntary organizations, telecommunications, development assistance, multilateral organizations etc. The research has taken plase in a number of countries, primarily in Africa (Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Ghana, Senegal, Zimbabwe etc.), but also in Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and some other countries (India, Mexico). The research has resulted in a number of PhD's, international published books and articles in international journals.

The aim with the research group's activities is to strengthen the department's research on the fields mentioned above. We have created a joint research- and guidance seminar in order to develop the group's academic profile. In addition, some of our group members are involved in the implementation of two major NORHED projects. One project (2013 - 2018) is focused on research on politics and governance in South Asia. The project is in collaboration with research groups in Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, and Ishtiaq Jamil is our Norwegian coordinator. The second project, which is under the direction of UiB Global together with Makerere University in Uganda and is coordinated by Tor Halvorsen, focuses on interdisciplinary studies in higher education.