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Long term collaboration with Cambodia

The project “Competence exchange Cambodia – Norway in child and adolescent mental health” has lasted 11 years every November with a 14 days visit to CCAMH (Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health) in Phnom Penh from a Norwegian team . The 2017 group was Gunn Aadland, Marit Hafting and Krister Fjermestad. The topics were Newborn screening and clinical hands on supervision in therapeutic technique.


Picture of Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Cambodia
Visit to CCAMH (Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health) in Phnom Penh every November 2017 from a Norwegian team: Gunn Aadland, Marit Hafting and Krister Fjermestad.

The Global Mental Health Research Group supported the team, Gunn Aadland (pediatrician) and Marit Hafting (child and adolescent psychiatrist) on a clinical support visit to Cambodia. The clinicians met with dr Bhoomikumar Jegannathan (program director/child psychiatrist) and the leaders of the different departments of the CCAMH and planned the training this year. A workshop was held with seven persons from collaborating organizations (teachers, social workers in NGOs and a psychology student) and eight staff members.

The workshop focused on behavior problems and clinical skills in managing children with those problems. It was evaluated as relevant and useful both in structured evaluation and in discussions with the staff after the workshop. Supervision from previous years on clinical/ therapeutic consultations with the members of the Psychology team continued from previous visits.

Observations were done on real consultations with children alone or together with their caregivers through the one-way-window and had a structured and focused discussion afterwards. Building the alliance was the focus of this year. The clinical discussions were highly evaluated by the participants.

The Norwegian team took part as observers and supported consultations at the Center and outreached clinics in two villages with regular health checkups for younger children. In addition they had supervision on newborn screening by staff members and their colleagues at health centers in the villages.