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Gynekologisk kreft forskningsgruppe 2023

The Bergen Gynecologic Cancer Research Group is affiliated with Department of Clinical Science (University of Bergen) and the Women's Clinic (Haukeland University Hospital).

We focus on clinical and translational research, with a special interest in endometrial and cervical cancer. 

The group is headed by Professor Camilla Krakstad. 

The Bergen Gynecologic Cancer Research Group is a multidisciplinary group aiming to improve treatment for women with gynecologic cancers. We have contributed with several important breakthroughs on molecular profiling of, in particular, endometrial and cervical cancer.

We have identified several potent biomarkers which could improve selection of patients for more individualized treatment. Our recent efforts also include developing advanced 3D cellular model systems. These models are important tools to perform functional studies and to evaluate how different genetic types of tumors respond to specific drugs. 

Our group receives funding from the Reasearch Council of Norway, Norwegian Cancer Society, the Western Norway Regional Health Authority, UoB and Bergen Research Foundation.

Hilde Lien wins second place for best oral presentations in 2023

Hilde Lien wins second place for best oral presentations in 2023

PhD student Hilde Lien wins second place at the Annual Research Presentations 2024 event hosted by the Research School in Clinical Medicine.

New project
Mari Halle standing in the park outside of Solstrand Hotel.

Investigating new treatment strategies for cervical cancer

Mari Kyllesø Halle received a frame allocation of NOK 8 million in the Researcher Projects 2023 call from the Norwegian Cancer Association, for the project "Decoding the Landscape of Cancer Vulnerabilities in high-risk Cervical Carcinomas to detect new treatment strategies." CCBIO is proud to see...

International exchange
Marta sitting in the lab.

One year in Boston

CCBIO PhD candidate Marta Espevold Hjelmeland in the Krakstad group spends the second year of her PhD program in Boston.