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Flowchart Momatec2 for risk assessment and need for lymphadenectomy
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PI Henrica (Erica) Werner, together with professors Jone Trovik and Camilla Krakstad


The Momatec2 study is a phase 4 multicenter multinational study, implementing biomarkers (oestrogen receptor and progesterone receptor) in the preoperative work-up to help identify patients with low or high risk for lymph node metastasis. The background is that we know from literature that lymphadenectomy can give significant morbidity and the procedure itself does not improve survival. Similarly literature, including from our group has shown that loss of these hormone receptors significantly increases the risk for lymph node metastasis. Patients in early stage disease with intact hormone receptors can in the study avoid lymphadenectomy as shown in the graph. Patients are followed long term for recurrence and death due to disease. In the same patients we also investigate quality of life preoperatively and for 5 years postoperatively hoping to see that avoiding unnecessary lymphadenectomy leads to better quality of life. The study started late 215 and we are now performing the first set of interim analyses.