Bergen Gynecologic Cancer Research Group

Aim and Strategy

Our research is focused on molecular alterations in gynaecologic cancer, to define potential targets for new therapies and develop reliable biomarkers for individualised therapy.


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To improve treatment of gynecologic cancer, efforts have been made to perform comprehensive molecular profiling, both globally, like the TCGA initiative https://cancergenome.nih.gov/, but also by individual research group. The Bergen Gynecologic Cancer research group has contributed several important breakthroughs on molecular profiling of in particular endometrial cancer. In parallel, several potent biomarkers have been identified, by us and others, which could better select patients for more individualized treatment. However, this knowledge has had little effect on current treatment practice. The advances in molecular knowledge need to be followed by functional studies of both effect of specific molecular alterations (mutations, amplification/deletions or translational regulations) and potential link between a specific biomarker and response to drug treatment. Our research group focuses on expanding our knowledge on molecular alterations in gynecologic cancers and aim to perform functional studies to aid clinical implementation of relevant findings.