Health economics

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The research group Health Economics at the Department of Economics (UOB) participates in CCBIO, which is a Centre of Excellence at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Bergen. The center is working on new cancer biomarkers and targeted therapy, and has particular focus on mechanisms that show how cancer cells are affected by the microenvironment in the tumors, and what significance this has for cancer proliferation and poor prognosis.


Our contribution to the center is two-sided. Professor John Cairns (member of Health Economics) is particularly connected to CCBIO through his work on evaluation of biomarkers and drugs. Doctoral student Kelly Seo at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine conducts research on the same topic. Her mentor is professor Cairns.

Doctoral student Ana Beatriz Mateus D'Avó Luís at the Department of Economics (UoB) conducts research on incentives for developing diagnostic tests by use of biomarkers. Her mentors are professor Tommy Staahl Gabrielsen and associate professor Julie Riise at the Department of Economics (UoB).