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Program Fall 2019

Program Fall 2019

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6/9  GUEST LECTURE 6 September, 10.15-11.30, in "Egget", Student Centre, Parkveien 1.

Professor Mike Hulme,  University of Cambridge, author of the seminal book “Why we disagree about climate change”, gives an open lecture with the following title:

Still disagreeing about climate change … but what have we learned in 10 years?


6/9: Research seminar 13.00-15.00.  With professor Mike Hulme, University of Cambridge,
 at University of Bergen, SVT, Parkveien 9

Organised by the research groups HUMKLIM (Environmental Humanities) and LINGCLIM (LINGuistic representations of CLIMate change discourses)  

13.00 Welcome by professor Rasmus Slaattelid, Head of SVT and Environmental Humanities Research Group

13.10 Short presentation of LINGCLIM group by professor Kjersti Fløttum 

Project presentations (10 minutes + 5 minutes discussion):

13.15 PhD candidate Runa Falck Langaas: Conceptions of lifestyle in a climate perspective

13.30 PhD candidate Solveig Helene Lygren: Climate change narratives in contemporary literature

13.45 Researcher/Dr. Scott Bremer: Changing seasons in institutional cultures

14.00 Professor Kyrre Kverndokk: The Future is Now: Temporality and Exemplarity in Climate Change Discourses

14.10 Postdoctoral fellow Marit Ruge Bjærke: Hare, grouse and polar bear: Biodiversity loss and climate reductionism

14.25 Professor Eivind Heldaas Seland: Dynamic Resources, Urban Spaces and Riverine Hinterlands: High-definition narratives of a semi-arid micro-region and their global implications

14.40 Final comments/questions

15.00 End of seminar


30/9: PhD candidate Solveig Lygren (IF): Klimanarrativer i Maja Lundes forfatterskap

Parkveien 9, seminar rom, ground floor, 10:15 AM


11/11: PhD candidate Francis Badiang Oloko (IF) Polyphony in the official climate discourse in Cameroon – 2005-2017

 Parkveien 9, seminar rom, ground floor, 10:15 AM


2/12: PhD candidate Lone Ree Milkær: Værdien af bare at gøre noget! - Fortællinger om handling, modstand, netværk og klimaforandringer

Parkveien 9, seminar rom, ground floor, 10:15 AM


09/12: Dr. Arjan Wardekker (Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, University of Utrecht) Framing urban resilience: Diverging views on governance and knowledge for climate resilient & sustainable cities.

 Parkveien 9, seminar rom, ground floor, 10:15 AM