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EEG and Image Recognition

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We are interested in testing an idea of ​​image recognition, and we need volunteer research participants who can contribute 30 minutes of their time to data collection. We measure electrical brain activity using a single device and complement this with eye movement measurements. It takes 15 to 20 minutes to prepare the equipment for each participant, using simple programs to test signal strength. The test itself takes 5 to 10 minutes. You are reading a word and looking at an image. All the pictures are of faces of men or women. We believe that it is possible to influence the brain's response to the image using a promptly presented word. The subjects will relax, read words, and look at pictures.

Requirements for participants:

1. Good at reading

2. Normal eyesight

3. Possibility of contacting the scalp through your hair

* We use a type of saline solution (similar to that for contact lenses) to improve contact. This should be unproblematic and there is no need to wash your hair immediately afterwards.

4. Native speaker of Norwegian

This is a type of pilot experiment. Interest in experimental humanities / psychology is an advantage for your motivation to participate. All data collected is anonymous and cannot be linked to any one person. We cannot offer a diagnosis and all participation is voluntary and unpaid. But we hope it will be a good experience. We need 20 test subjects in the first round. We are working on creating a Doodle where you can sign up to participate and indicate what time slot is convenient for you. You can also contact one of our researchers and send us your contact information (e-mail address or telephone number) and we can schedule a time that is good for you. We are scheduled to begin testing in the beginning of May. Please contact us for more information.

UPDATE: We have tested all 20 participants and no longer require volunteers. If you are interested in participating in future research experiments then we encourage you to contact us about upcoming opportunities!