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Call for Papers

Tenth Bergen Workshop

The topic for the Tenth Bergen Workshop on the History of Health and Medicine will be "Medical history: Past, present and future in local, transnational and international settings". Find the call for papers here.

The workshop will focus on the ways in which we conceive the history of health and medicine as on the one hand taking place in specific geographical settings, on the other hand as continuously transgressing both geographical and also disciplinary boundaries.

In addition, we would like to use the Bergen workshop’s ten-year anniversary to engage in the ongoing debate in several countries over the future of the history of health and medicine.

The workshop takes place in Bergen, March 22-23, 2011. There will be sessions on:

  • From local histories to synthesis or general history?
  • Transnational and international border-crossings
  • The future of medical- and health history

Download the call for papers from the column to the right.

Please note the deadline for submissions: December 1, 2011.