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Methodological approaches to international idea and knowledge exchanges

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How can we study history without being trapped in a national spatial framework by default? And how can we study international history without losing sight of the role played by local context? Such questions have been pivotal in the methodological debates that have emerged in the wake of the numerous efforts made in recent decades in order to explore how people, ideas, knowledge, products and processes have travelled across geographical, cultural and political borders.


This project will analyse and compare such approaches to historical research within five different topics; history of medicine and science, history of learning, and economic and political history. The participants own research will yield as basis for methodological reflections. Similar to the objects , phenomenon and processes we study, the aim is to gain a clearer understanding of methodological differences and similarities across boarders of disciplines and topics.


In addition to members of faculty, several PhD-students and master students at the Department are working with related problems. The PhD-projects of Cecilie Boge, Knut M. Nygaard, Per Kristian Sebak, Bjørnar Mortensen Vik and Magnus Vollset all tangent the methodological issues raised in this project.


The project is based upon collaboration between two research groups at the Department: Health, welfare and history of science and Beyond Borders: Internationalisation processes in cultural and historical perspective.


The project is funded by the Norwegian Research Council (ISP-HIST) 2010-13.