Research group for Infection and Microbiology

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Picture of the research group for Infection and Immunity from Picture from IBA UiB, Solstrand Jan 2019

Photo: GRGII members at the Janurary 2019 Solstrand group meeting

Our research group members include laboratory specialists in medical and oral microbiology and immunology and specialists in clinical infectious diseases and hospital infection control. The research group consists of a number of subgroups with different but also overlapping research focus. The group is a member of the national research school in infection biology and antimicrobials (IBA), and members are partners in several national and international consortia.

Groups include:

The Influenza Centre focuses on prevention and control of influenza to reduce the global burden of disease. We develop and evaluate next generation influenza vaccines (both preclinical studies and human clinical trials), and study the immune response after influenza vaccination and infection.

The Infection Control and Antibiotic Stewardship group. Our research field focuses on the incidence and risks of developing and spread of health service associated infections and antimicrobial resistance. Currently we are focusing on implementation science on preventive measures such as guidelines and checklists.

The Streptococcal Interest Group (SIG) holds expertice in infections caused primarily by Streptococcus pyogenes and S. dysgalactiae, as well as a range of non-purulent skin and soft tissue infections.  We study epidemiology, characterize disease, microbial aspects and explore effects of established and novel treatment modalities in cellulitis and lethal necrotizing soft tissue infections.

The Research group for Tropical Infectious Diseases conducts studies on malaria, schistosoma, leishmania and enteric parasites. An equally important focus is research on sepsis and antimicrobial resistance. Methods include cohort studies, case control studies and randomized clinical trials.