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Research group for infection and microbiology


Picture of the Research Group for Infection and Microbiology from IBA UiB, Solstrand, 2023.



The Infection and Microbiology Research Group, under the leadership of Professor Rebecca Cox, comprises 30 academic and technical staff. Since our establishment in 2013, we published >500 high-impact papers and conducted extensive clinical and epidemiological studies involving 7000 patients.

Our research strategy is based on three pillars: infections, pathogenesis, and interventions aiming to be a leader in

- Pandemic Respiratory Viral Infections

- Severe Bacterial Infections and Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)

- Tropical Diseases

Our mission is to reduce the burden of illness and death from infectious diseases through six key objectives:

  1. Investigate outbreak infections and disease manifestations.

  2. Understand disease mechanisms to identify treatment targets.

  3. Develop clinical interventions, including vaccines, to reduce disease burden.

  4. Disseminate evidence-based knowledge to improve patient care.

  5. Foster young talent and next-generation researchers.

  6. Promote national and international interdisciplinary collaborative research.

We lead three centers and have subgroups including:

  1. The Influenza Centre: Concentrating on preventing and controlling influenza, with core funding from the Norwegian Department of Health and Care Services: led by Professor Rebecca Cox.

  2. Centre for Antimicrobial Resistance in Western Norway – CAMRIA: Addressing antimicrobial resistance through interdisciplinary approaches, with funding from Trond Mohn Foundation, led by Professor Nina Langeland.

  3. The Research group for Tropical Infectious Diseases: Conducting studies on tropical infectious diseases, with core funding from the Norwegian Department of Health and Care Services led by Professor Nina Langeland.

  4. The Bergen COVID-19 Research Group: A multidisciplinary team focused on basic and clinical COVID-19 research, led by Professors Rebecca Cox and Nina Langeland, collaborating across five institutions.

  5. The Streptococcal Interest Group (SIG): Focused on infections primarily caused by Streptococcus pyogenes and S. dysgalactiae, led by Professor Steinar Skrede.

  6. The Infection Control and Antibiotic Stewardship group: Investigating health service-associated infections and antimicrobial resistance.


Securing external funding is a priority, enabling us to pursue ambitious research projects and attract top-tier talent.