Inorganic nanochemistry and Catalysis

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Research Group Inorganic Nanochemistry and Catalysis

The Dietzel research group

Our research interests center on the preparation and characterization of new coordination polymers/metal-organic framework with industrially relevant properties in catalysis, adsorption and separation, sensing properties and energy related applications.


Academic Staff

Erwan Le Roux, Associate Professor

The Le Roux research group

Our researches focuses on both fundamental and applied aspects in tailor-made organometallic compounds, nanostructured hybrid materials and catalysis. Work involves synthesis, testing and characterization of novel organometallic compounds for a wide range of applications particularly in the areas of both green homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis. Uses of well-defined molecular organometallic compounds as building blocks for synthesis of functional nanomaterials is another part of our scientific focus for generating (nano)structured heterogeneous catalysts and establishing structure activity/reactivity-relationship between homogeneous and heterogenized catalysts.