Research Group for Transnational History and Cultural Encounters, 1850 - present

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The picture shows Norwegian sailors in Africa, most probably South-Africa....

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Professor Christhard Hoffmann
E-mail: Christhard.Hoffmann@ahkr.uib.no

Picture: The picture shows Norwegian sailors in Africa, most probably South-Africa. The second person from right is skipper Petter Maldus Danielsen (1873-1951) from Svinør in the county of West-Agder. The illustration is taken from Guldbrandsen, Ågot and Fardal Klev, Ådne, Svinør. Ryggen til Norge - Blikket mot havet, 1997.

About the group

The research group was established in 2008 and represents one of seven research groups at the Department of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion at the University of Bergen. The members of the group are engaged in research on various aspects of transnational nexus and interaction.

This includes transactions and exchange of goods and services, the movement of people and transfer of culture and ideas. In short, we are looking at historical and cultural processes in the 19th – 21st centuries that expedite as well as halts, and that are causes as well as consequences of internationalisation.

Foto av en historisk bok om norsk-kinesiske relasjoner.

Historien viktig for å forstå Kina i dag

Camilla Brautasets forskning viser at dialog og samarbeid alltid har vært nøkkelen for gode relasjoner mellom Norge og Kina. Nå er lederen for UiBs nye Kina-kompetanseutvalg bokaktuell.

Program spring 2020

Fridays, 10:15 a.m. – 12.00; Room: Seminarrom L, Sydneshaugen skole

Main Topic: Research Perspectives on Transnational History


31. 01. 2020 - Thoralf Klein (Loughborough University):  A Transnational Media History of the Boxer War

21. 02. 2020 – Jan Ifversen (Aarhus University): What is Interculturality?

20. 03. 2020 – Hanne Hagtvedt Vik (UiO): Transnational Dimensions of Human Rights Policies in Norway/Scandinavia

17. 04. 2019 – Kiran Klaus Patel (LMU München): Mapping the Spatial Contours of Transnational Political Activism during the Long 1970s: A Research Agenda

24. 04.  2020 - Marten Boon (NTNU):  The Concept of Transnational Business History

08. 05. 2020 - Madeleine Herren-Oesch (University of Basel): The Concept of a Global History of Europe

19. 06. 2020 - Roland Wenzlhuemer (LMU München): The Emergence of Global Communication Networks in 19th-Century Maritime History