Research Group for Transnational History and Cultural Encounters, 1850 - present

20.01  Kristine Sævold: Hva er et skatteparadis?


03.02  Ny forskningslitteratur


17.02  Sara Kohne: Kotti&Co - Et blikk på en usedvanlig leieboerprotest i Berlin Kreuzberg SO36


03.03  Sarah Hackett (Bath): City-level migration, integration and diversity policies in times of crisis in post-1960s Britain


17.03  Åsmund Gjerde: Anti-Zionism and the Paranoid Style in Soviet Politics


14.04  Youssef Cassis (Firenze): Have financial crises led to policy change?


12.05  Torsten Feys (Gent): Immobility in times of full mobilization?
A reappraisal of the disruptive impact of World War I on transatlantic migration: the
European inland transit journey to the ports