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Intelligent Accountability (IA)

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The main objective of IA is to operationalize the concept of Intelligent accountability by identifying the international discourse on school-accountability and solutions for more intelligent accountability systems. These approaches will jointly answer the main question for the project: How could an Intelligent accountability system in education function? The main goal of IA is to promote systems that will lead towards more suitable assessments of students, challenge teachers positively to develop their professional competence, help parents understand the quality of the education their children is offered, be understandable for the public, and manageable for those in charge. In cooperation with Department of education, University of Oxford, we have established an international network for this purpose and have published a special issue for Journal of Educational Change. Editors are Sølvi Lillejord (UiB), Jo-Anne Baird (UoO) and Astrid Tolo (UiB).