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Originally a randomized placebo-controlled trial of omega-3 fatty acids combined with immunotherapy in Multiple Sclerosis, now a ten year follow-up on all available patients from the original study. The aim is to identify early prognostic markers for long-term therapy response and prognosis in multiple sclerosis. A total of 85 out of 92 original patients were included. Collaboration with all four health-regions in Norway. 


A cooperative effort to uncover links between MS and other illnesses, risk factors for MS, and to look into the distribution of comorbid states. This is a registry-based project. Collaborators are: 

  • Kjetil Bjørnevik, Harvard University
  • Espen Benjaminsen, Nordland Hospital, Bodø
  • Elisaabeth G. Celius, Oslo University Hospital
  • Margitta T. Kampman, University Hospital of North Norway, Tromsø 
  • Rune Midgaard, Molde Hospital
  • Anita Vatne, Sørlandet Hospital

Insidens Vestnorge 

An epidemiological cooperative project in Western-Norway (from Rogaland to Møre and Romsdal) collecting a cohort of data from patients with MS-debute in the period between 1953 - 2013.

  • John Sverre Willumsen, Molde Hospital.
  • Rune Midgaard, Molde Hospital. 

Single Collaborative Projects

  • Validation of MS data from the National Patient Registry, Espen Benjaminsen, University of Tromsø.