Research Group Latin America: Language, Literature, and Culture

"The Cry of the Renegade: The poetry and politics of subversion in interwar Santiago, Chile"

Guest lecture by Associate Professor Raymond Craib (Cornell University)

Picture of anarchists in Santiago de Chile in 1919
Anarchists in Santiago de Chile in 1919 (from wordpress.com)

Main content

On September 29, 1920, Jose Domingo Gomez Rojas died in Santiago's asylum after two months in police custody. The official autopsy declared the killer had been viral meningitis. His fellow university students and comrades disagreed: they claimed he had died as a result of police abuse, torture and solitary confinement. Why? Why would the state arrest and abuse a 24-year old poet, student and clerk in a metropolitan office?  The book I have recently completed is an effort to answer that question. To do so, I look not only at Gomez Rojas's life and work, but that of others he considered friends and comrades. This talk provides an overview of the book and some of its more original--and in cases, contested--findings.


The lecture will be held in English.