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The research group for legal culture focuses on the historical development of law, as well as the challenges that arise due to the increasing internationalisation of law. The group's research consists of two main dimensions, legal history and comparative law, and is therefore interdisciplinary. By using law as a cultural phenomenon as the starting point, the two dimensions are linked together. The object of the research group is to create a forum for interesting discussions across disciplines, fields and cultures, in which national and international ties make up an important part, as well as collaborations with the research groups in Tromsø, KristiandsandOslo and Great Britain (BACL)

The research group is lead by Professor Sören Koch and Postdoctoral Fellow Brage Thunestvedt Hatløy.


Christian V's Norwegian Code

Professor Sören Koch on the Christian V's Norwegian Code.

Comparing Legal Cultures

Research based education

The research group's joined experience and excellence allows us to dynamically adapt teaching and assessments according to pressing challenges for society and law.


New publications

New publications from the members of the research group.

Blog post
Bilde av BACLs logo.

Sören Koch with new blog post on BACLs blog

Read Sören Kochs new blog post on the blog of British Association of Comparative Law.

New publication

Sören Koch - "Legal compilation in early modern Denmark and Norway – recycling the law”

New publication by Sören Koch in Legal History: Reflecting the past and the present current perspectives for the future.

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Do you want to write your master thesis on legal culture?

We want to connect with master students who would like to write their master thesis within one of our research fields. As a master student affiliated with the research group, you will get the opportunity to present your project for the research group and receive feedback, as well as supervision from one of our members. Find inspiration for your master thesis in our emnebank, and read more on potential supervisors.