Research group for Legal Culture

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The research group for legal culture is lead by Professor Sören Koch

The reaserch group was established in 2011, and is primarily working with a variety of topics within legal history and legal cultures. The group hold a weekly meeting, where either a member of the group or an external speaker holds a presentation followed by a discussion on the presented topic. 

Members and research


About the Research group for Legal culture

The research group will not be tied to a specific legal field, but devoted to studying legal culture from the angle of several legal fields


Information about our collaboration with other research groups

The research Group for Legal culture is often working alongside other research groups at different institutions. This sort of cooperation is an important factor in studying legal cultures from the angle of several legal fields

Book release
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Oct 23

Comparing Legal Cultures - new edition!

The Research group for Legal Culture will hold an event to highlight the release of the newest edition of the book Comparing Legal Cultures.