LINGCLIM: Language, climate and lifestyle


Contact persons for the LINGCLIM research group.

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Professor of French Linguistics, Kjersti Fløttum is the head of the the cross-disciplinary research group LINGCLIM. She has since 2010 developed the research group, studying the role of language in the climate change debate.

Fløttum had earlier led research groups on academic/scientific discourse (KIAP project) and on political discourse (EURLING group), and found that climate change discourse was often an interesting mix of scientific and political discourse. With a background in the interest for climate communication at the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, UiB, and the development of climate change as a multi-faceted and complex societal challenge, she developed the idea of the LINGCLIM project, focusing on language use about climate in different contexts: scientific, political, media and opinion surveys.

Through different financial grants, in particular from the Research Council of Norway, the LINGCLIM group has grown, including researchers and post-graduate fellows from linguistic, political, media, rhetoric, psychological and literary disciplines, and in a fruitful collaboration with the Norwegian Citizen Panel/DIGSSCORE.