LINGCLIM - Linguistic Representations of Climate Change Discourse and Their Individual and Collective Interpretations

Project staff

Project staff LINGCLIM

LINGCLIM research group members at the Department of foreign languages, University of Bergen, January 2019: Francis Badiang Oloko, Runa Falck Langaas, Anne-Kate Ellingsen, Solveig Helene Lygren, Kjersti Fløttum (head), Øyvind Gjerstad
LINGCLIM research group May 2019. From left: Francis Badiang Oloko, Anje Müller Gjesdal, Runa Falck Langaas, Øyvind Gjerstad, Kjersti Fløttum, Solveig Helene Lygren, and Dimitrinka Atanasova
Kjersti Fløttum, UiB
Kjersti Fløttum

Project staff

Professor Kjersti Fløttum (head)

Department of foreign languages, University of Bergen

Associate professor Øyvind Gjerstad


PhD candidates

Anne-Kate Ellingsen. Project title: "Retoriske strategier i debatten om atomenergi i Frankrike"

Runa Falck Langaas. Project title: "From parties in Kyoto and Paris to everyday life in Norway: A multi-methodological approach to why Norwegians (don’t) take knowledge about climate change into account in their lifestyle choices”

Solveig Lygren. Project title: "Climate change narratives in contemporary literature"

Francis Badiang Oloko. Project title: "Polyphony in Cameroon official climate discourse 2005-2017"


Guest researchers

Research fellow Julien Hocine (2018)

Dr. Dimitrinka Atanasova (2019)

Professor Elodie Vargas (2020)


Affiliate members

Professor Trine Dahl

Professor Helge Drange

Professor Dag Elgesem

Associate professor Endre Tvinnereim


Previous members and affiliates

Professor Gisela Böhm

Associate professor Anje Müller Gjesdal

Professor Elisabeth Ivarsflaten

Associate professor Michael D. Jones

Dr. Nelya Koteyko

Associate professor Oleksandr Kapranov

Dr. Chantal Pacteau

Project coordinator Vegard Rivenes

Professor Marianne Ryghaug

Senior researcher Andrew Salway