The Lipid Research Group

Bioactive compounds

Studies of bioactive compounds focusing on their role in nutrition and human health.

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The Lipid Research Group is one of the partners in the interdisciplinary research program in clinical nutrition funded through a grant from ”Stiftelsen Frank Mohn”. The main focus of our research is the importance of dietary composition and bioactive peptides for risk factors related to cardiovascular disease. The research includes both studies in animal models and clinical intervention studies. An important approach is to study the regulation of energy expenditure and the role of mitochondria in attenuating such risk factors, in addition to the interplay between mitochondrial function in different tissues.

It has been demonstrated that bioactive peptides may influence metabolic pathways and by doing so attenuate metabolic disturbances, implying that they could possibly have a role in the combat of diseases related to a modern lifestyle. The focus of the research is on bioactive peptides from marine organisms, but also on peptides isolated from byproducts of processed animal meat. This research is based on a long established collaboration with independent research institutes and industrial partners within aquaculture, fish feed and meat production.