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Ben Martin | Introduction to Philosophy: Logic | Rebus

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Introduction to Philosophy: Logic

Ben Martin (ed).


Introduction to Philosophy: Logic provides students with the concepts and skills necessary to identify and evaluate arguments effectively. The chapters, all written by experts in the field, provide an overview of what arguments are, the different types of arguments one can expect to encounter in both philosophy and everyday life, and how to recognise common argumentative mistakes.

Main content:

  • Introduction to the Book (Benjamin Martin)
  • What is Logic? (Matthew Knachel)
  • Evaluating Arguments (Nathan Smith)
  • Formal Logic in Philosophy (Bahram Assadian)
  • Informal Fallacies (Cassiano Terra Rodrigues)
  • Necessary and Sufficient Conditions (Michael Shaffer)
  • References and Further Reading
  • Exercise Solutions
  • Glossary