The Leukaemia Research Group (LRG)

Upcoming seminar: Metabolomics in Hematological Malignancies

The committee is proud to present “Metabolomics in Hematological Malignancies” as the next seminar in the THC-seminar series. The list of presentations include an introduction to the Metabolomics platform, presentation of BEVITAL, as well as interesting results from metabolic analyses of AML. We look forward to see you there!


Metabolomics attempts to profile the metabolites within a cell or biological system, and is becoming more and more important to fully understand the biology of the cancer cell. This is evident, as altered metabolism was included as one of the hallmarks of cancer by Hanahan and Weinberg in 2011 (Hanahan&Weinberg, Cell, 2011), and it is well known that cancer cells undergo a metabolic switch involving both carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and nucleic acids. This switch includes the Warburg effect, which describes the change of energy production from oxidative phosphorylation to glycolysis in cancer cells. As the field of metabolomics is steadily becoming more central in cancer research, the next THC-seminar will therefore be entitled “Metabolomics in Hematological Malignancies”.


The seminar will take place the 16th of December 2014, 12:00-15:30 at the Conference room, 3rd floor, BBB. See attached for program details.



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