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Professor Martha Enger

Welcome to the Brain Tumor Immunology & Therapy lab

The group is led by Dr Martha Chekenya Enger and is one of five labs that form the larger Translational Cancer Research Group

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Best PhD prize 2019
Andrea Gras Navarro

Yet another best PhD prize for the Brain Tumour Immunology and Therapy Group!

Best PhD prize 2019 – Andrea Gras Navarro - “Towards Natural Killer cellular Immunotherapy for glioblastoma. KIR-HLA ligand interaction and proteasome inhibitors to potentiate efficacy"

Principal Investigator
Photo of Martha Chekenya Enger

Martha Chekenya Enger

Education: First-class Honours BSc Psychology from the University of Westminster, London, UK. Master of Science in Neuroscience from The Institute of Psychiatry/King's College, University of London. PhD at King's, Guy's, St Thomas' School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of...

User involvement
Hjernesvulstforeningen besøker Brain tumor Immunology and Therapy Group hos Instituttet for biomedisin

Patient organization collaborates with researchers to improve brain cancer therapy

The research laboratory for brain cancer immunology and therapy at the Department of Biomedicine has received the secretary general of the Brain-Tumour Society Rolf Ledal to discuss current and future research projects.

Research project
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Bortezomib and Temozolomide in Recurrent Glioblastoma With Unmethylated MGMT Promoter

This phase IB/II trial is designed to investigate the safety and survival benefits for patients with recurrent glioblastoma with unmethylated MGMT promoter treated with Bortezomib and Temozolomide in a specific schedule.

Aminur Raman

American Association for Cancer Research awards Aminur Rahman

Aminur Rahman, PhD, has been awarded the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Scholar-in-Training Award