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Andrea Gras Navarro

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Bachelor of Science in Clinical Biology at the University of Barcelona, Spain, 2011. Four month laboratory training in Biorecognition group at UiB as Erasmus student. MSc in Medical Cell Biology at the Department of Biomedicine, University of Bergen, Norway.


My research project is to assess the potential of natural killer cells to kill brain tumour cells. This requires optimising the method for in vitro expansion and activation of natural killer cells isolated from human blood. Natural killer cells will be characterised for the expression of specific markers and receptors in order to identify the subclasses obtained from each culturing method. In vitro cytotoxicity experiments will be carried out to determine the subpopulation most efficient in killing the tumour cells. This project is a part of on-going multidisciplinary translational research aiming in developing a novel immunotherapy against brain cancer. On the basis of existing knowledge and results from previous investigations, the attempt is taken towards designing appropriate treatment strategy. This project is a step in the process of implementing a new therapy into the clinic.