Marine biodiversity

About Chris

Carl Fredrik Christoffer Schander (1960 – 2012)

Chris Schander was Professor of marine biodiversity at the Department of Biology, University of Bergen, from 2004 – 2011. Earlier, he had been employed at Gothenburg University (Sweden), Woodshole Oceanographic Institution (USA), and Copenhagen University (Denmark). From August 2011 on he was Director of the University Museum of Bergen – a position that fulfilled a childhood dream - before he passed unexpectedly on February 21, 2012, after a short period of illness. He will be sorely missed but his work lives on.

He was a productive scientist, authoring more than 80 peer-reviewed scientific publications*, a creative and inspiring biologist and a highly valued colleague with a large national and international network of cooperation partners and friends-through-science. He was also a committed supervisor to numerous master and PhD students in Norway, Sweden and other countries.

This is what he wrote about himself:

“The goal of my research is to understand the role that evolutionary forces and phylogeny have played in creating organism diversity. To develop this understanding I use phylogenetic analyses that integrate morphological and molecular data. My research focuses on the molluscs, because of the amazing morphological diversity of recent taxa, and because of their fossil record dating back to the Precambrian… I am also interested in the biogeography of these animals, for example, the pan-Atlantic and pan-Pacific distribution of many species.”

To honour Chris’ memory and to continue his eager support of cooperation and scientific exchange between individuals and institutions we have established the Christoffer Schander Memorial Fund at the University of Bergen.


* Todt C. 2012. Christoffer Schander (1960 – 2012) – obituary and bibliography. Marine Biology Research 8: 570 – 572.