Marine biodiversity

A NUFU shrimp

BIO scientists Glenn Bristow, Tore Høisæter and Rune Rosland have been involved in NUFU projects in Vietnam.


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Recently some of the researchers they had been collaborating with published a paper identifying a new species of symbiotic shrimp that has been called Periclimenaeus nufu in honour of their NUFU collaboration!

The NUFU programme has a strong focus on stimulating regional network cooperation in the South. NUFU support networks that contribute to increased academic collaboration between institutions in the South and between institutions in the South and in the North. The cooperation projects are being implemented by 35 partner institutions in 18 different countries in the South, together with their counterparts at 12 Norwegian institutions of higher education.

This particular Norwegian-Vietnamese research project was devoted to studies of the biotic communities of dead coral rubble habitats. The field work took place in 2003 and 2006, and included collecting expeditions at various sites of the Van Phong and Nhatrang Bays, Vietnam. The researchers write that the dead coral habitat is not typical for shrimps of this genus; however, encrusting or boring sponges and colonial ascidia (their more usual hosts) may often grow within the dead bases of live corals and on blocks of coral rubble.