Marine biodiversity

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We use various cameras like the SLR macro stand as in this photo, or in combination with microscopes.
Bernt Rydland Olsen
NGS illiustration
Ion Torrent
Bernt Rydland Olsen
microscope cam
Microscope camera
Bernt Rydland Olsen
Ion Torrent
Ion Torrent
Louise Lindblom

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Biodiversity laboratories (BDL)

Through the shared BDL structure research group Marine biodiversity has access to a molecular lab, organism lab and a fossil lab. BDL Is a formalized cooperation between three research groups at Dept. of Biology (Marine biodiversity, Geomicrobiology and EECRG) and the Bergen University Museum (hyperlink).

Molecular lab

We have facilities for most molecular biology work.  Our lab is equipped for most work with DNA commonly used in molecular biology. The workflow from DNA extraction to PCR is organised as separate workstations. We also have the lab equipped for cloning with a sterile fume hood.

Next Generation Sequencing

Our molecular lab has an Ion Torrent sequencer for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).

Organism lab

We have facilities for handling and examining biological specimens of different types. The organism labs constitute two departments (separate labs). The first level may be used to sort wet samples fixated in various chemicals. The second level is for dry samples or ethanol preserved material.

Fossil lab

Facility for examining micro- and macrofossils. Also contains camera equipment and SEM.

Camera equipment

Our group has stereomicroscope, and microscope with cameras of high quality and modern software and hardware. The microscope cameras are fixed at the microscopes and set at permanent workstations. In addition we have mobile SLR cameras setup for macro photography (5x) with various stands and macro slides. We support both Nikon and Canon in full frame. Our lenses are 30 mm, 100 mm 1x macro and 65 mm 5x macro.


Contact BDL:

Kenneth Meland (Senior engineer)

+47 55 58 46 14


Other laboratories


Histology lab

Facility for preparing microscope slides.

Contact histology lab:

Hans Tore Rapp (Professor)

+47 55 58 44 13

Laboratory for Electron Microscopy

The laboratory for Electron Microscopy contains electron microscopes of different types and is structured as an independent entity under the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Bergen.